Set Your Sights on Target McGill

15 Jul

Target McGill is just over a week away, we could not be more excited! We promise the weekend is full of delicious food, fun adventures, and lots of new friends. Here’s a look at some of what it will involve:

On Friday you’ll arrive and register, get to meet your Target Leaders, eat lunch in the RVC courtyard, tour around campus, enjoy a pizza dinner, explore Montreal in the evening, and more!

Saturday begins with a bagel taste-off, followed by tours of residence, day trips to Montreal hotspots, a banquet dinner, and a walk up Mont-Royal.

The last day starts off with a breakfast, one last chance to chat with your Target Leaders, and a picnic in a park!

You should have all received an information package by e-mail, but if not, or if you have any remaining questions, feel free to be in touch at


Rez Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

10 Jun

WOOT WOOT!! So residence selections have been revealed and I know you must all be thinking ??? Who else is in my rez??? Who can answer my burning rez questions ???

Well the answers to your questions is only a step away! ~~~~~~

Join your rez’s FB Group! Meet folks you will live with, have your most simple and complex rez q’s answered, share your interests, find common areas with your fellow studes and GET EXCITED ABOUT REZ!!!!

New Rez:
RVC:                                                        Molson:                                         MORE:

For more info on each rez feel free to check out a previous rez ranking post:

Also feel free to check out the McGill Rez Life page for updates and fun stuff:


Meet the Mascot…

9 Jun

Featured image

Meet Aylmer everyone!!!! Aylmer the Alpaca will be your 2015-2016 go to mascot for spirit, answers and all kinds of fun stuff!!

Add me on Facebook for secret deets about my life and to easily ask your rez-related inquiries!

~~~~~ ~~~~

Can’t wait to meet and befriend you all !!!

Fight dat Power and moreee

24 Nov

What’s that?! A NEW POST!

That is right oh great Rez students and other peeps Rez Life is here and we are gonna be posting up a storm so get readyyyyyyy.

Posts are going to be about events at McGill, cool places to eat and hangout, fun and informative things about navigating campus, classes, and the administration, and much much much more. Yeah 3 much-s more.



First up is a sustainably awesome event coming at you from Environmental Residence Council in the from of their largest event of the year FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!!!

For those of you who have not had the joy of learning about this event yet:

Fight The Power is a three month long competition between Rezs, that challenges each Rez to use as little power as possible. Winning FTP will present a considerable challenge, helping us develop sustainable habits that we can carry along long after we’ve left Rez. So, for the sake of the planet, your carbon footprint, and most (or least?) importantly the success of your own Rez in Rez Warz, come join the party by helping us Fight the Power.
Share your exploits using #FTPMcGill

If you have any more questions check out the Environmental Residence Council page or the Fight the Power page!

Its gonna be a great year erybody!!


Will the chill

not my real nickname and I am accepting suggestions

2K14 The Year of the Moose

28 Aug


My name is Kane, and I’m taking control of the blog for here on out! I’ll be posting about cool events happening around campus, cool places to go to around Montreal, and cool REZ ~*~Thingys~*~. I’ll be updating the blog somewhat sporadically, but if you check us out every week you’ll be sure to find some real cool and useful articles pertaining to your first year experiences.

For now, I’ve updated the blogger page to reflect our 2014-2015 Rez Life Team, and in the coming week I’ll be posting my favourite places to spend all of your meal plan moniez at. Both your flex dollars and to find out which home base should be your secret base.

That’s all for now folks!



Our team!

Thank you for an amazing year!

7 May

On Aug 26th, 2013, we kicked off the year with Rez Fest I up on Forbes Field. Place yourself back in those freshman shoes and think of the jumble of emotions that you were experiencing. Had you been eager? Anxious? Excited? Nervous? You were about to commit almost a year of your life to living with a group of students that you didn’t know, in a place that was most likely entirely new to you, and all on your own, which for many of you was the first time ever.

Now fast forward and take a look at where you are- and who you are- 8 months later. It’s hard to believe how much you’ve progressed in just a few short months. You’ve been exposed to a wide range of beliefs and perspectives. How have your opinions changed? You’ve met students from around the world with a diverse array of backgrounds. How has your knowledge and respect for different cultures changed? You’ve made incredible connections that may very well last a lifetime. How has your outlook on meaningful relationships changed? You’ve been influenced and in turn influenced those around you. How have you changed?

As you move beyond life within McGill Rez, never forget that the community you have formed will persevere and endure beyond the four walls of your residence. The McGill Rez Community is special and unique and will remain alive so long as you strive to maintain its spirit. Throughout your McGill career and even past your adventures at this University, you will definitely run into those incredible people you had shared a home with these past 8 months. Nostalgia will pop up, but remembering the past will be a positive feeling. The memories that you’ve forged this year are memories to last a lifetime.

On behalf of the Rez Life team, I would like to thank you all for an amazing year! We couldn’t have anticipated a more amazing group- your incredible spirit at Rez Wars, your lovely elegance at Faculty in Rez, your passion and advocacy during the Who Needs Feminism? campaign, and for so many other reasons you were all simply fantastic!

We wish you all the best moving forward and we hope your next few years at McGill are just as memorable as this past year in Rez.

The Rez Life Team
Love y'all

The Arkells are awesome :D

18 Mar

Supporting local Canadian musicians are of incredible value- not only does your support help these artists realize their dreams, but it also helps advance Canada’s valuable contribution to the global music scene.

Ever heard of Billy Talent? Well, the group originated from my hometown back in Mississauga, Ontario. The bassist used to teach at a local music store that I used to visit to take guitar lessons, and a few of the other band members attended a high school just down the road from my house! Putting on various small shows throughout the city, Billy Talent received tons of support from the community and eventually signed on a major record deal, leading them to achieve international success.

The Arkells are another incredible local band that has moved on to achieve widespread success. Originating in Hamilton, Ontario, the band started in 2006 and in just a few short years has accumulated numerous awards and toured all across the country. Personally, I am a huge fan of a the Arkells and I thought for this post I’d share some of my favourie songs 😀

Book Club

Next Friday, March 28th, IRC is bringing in the Arkells for a Rez Exlusive Concert at Corona Theatre! Not only is this an incredible IRC event like no other, but it is also an opportunity for you to support a fantastic Canadian artist. Deffs treat yo’ self to a lovely night out on the town and get your ticket to the IRC Rez Exclusive Arkells Concert! For more details, check out: