The Arkells are awesome :D

18 Mar

Supporting local Canadian musicians are of incredible value- not only does your support help these artists realize their dreams, but it also helps advance Canada’s valuable contribution to the global music scene.

Ever heard of Billy Talent? Well, the group originated from my hometown back in Mississauga, Ontario. The bassist used to teach at a local music store that I used to visit to take guitar lessons, and a few of the other band members attended a high school just down the road from my house! Putting on various small shows throughout the city, Billy Talent received tons of support from the community and eventually signed on a major record deal, leading them to achieve international success.

The Arkells are another incredible local band that has moved on to achieve widespread success. Originating in Hamilton, Ontario, the band started in 2006 and in just a few short years has accumulated numerous awards and toured all across the country. Personally, I am a huge fan of a the Arkells and I thought for this post I’d share some of my favourie songs 😀

Book Club

Next Friday, March 28th, IRC is bringing in the Arkells for a Rez Exlusive Concert at Corona Theatre! Not only is this an incredible IRC event like no other, but it is also an opportunity for you to support a fantastic Canadian artist. Deffs treat yo’ self to a lovely night out on the town and get your ticket to the IRC Rez Exclusive Arkells Concert! For more details, check out:



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