Thank you for an amazing year!

7 May

On Aug 26th, 2013, we kicked off the year with Rez Fest I up on Forbes Field. Place yourself back in those freshman shoes and think of the jumble of emotions that you were experiencing. Had you been eager? Anxious? Excited? Nervous? You were about to commit almost a year of your life to living with a group of students that you didn’t know, in a place that was most likely entirely new to you, and all on your own, which for many of you was the first time ever.

Now fast forward and take a look at where you are- and who you are- 8 months later. It’s hard to believe how much you’ve progressed in just a few short months. You’ve been exposed to a wide range of beliefs and perspectives. How have your opinions changed? You’ve met students from around the world with a diverse array of backgrounds. How has your knowledge and respect for different cultures changed? You’ve made incredible connections that may very well last a lifetime. How has your outlook on meaningful relationships changed? You’ve been influenced and in turn influenced those around you. How have you changed?

As you move beyond life within McGill Rez, never forget that the community you have formed will persevere and endure beyond the four walls of your residence. The McGill Rez Community is special and unique and will remain alive so long as you strive to maintain its spirit. Throughout your McGill career and even past your adventures at this University, you will definitely run into those incredible people you had shared a home with these past 8 months. Nostalgia will pop up, but remembering the past will be a positive feeling. The memories that you’ve forged this year are memories to last a lifetime.

On behalf of the Rez Life team, I would like to thank you all for an amazing year! We couldn’t have anticipated a more amazing group- your incredible spirit at Rez Wars, your lovely elegance at Faculty in Rez, your passion and advocacy during the Who Needs Feminism? campaign, and for so many other reasons you were all simply fantastic!

We wish you all the best moving forward and we hope your next few years at McGill are just as memorable as this past year in Rez.

The Rez Life Team
Love y'all


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