Fight dat Power and moreee

24 Nov

What’s that?! A NEW POST!

That is right oh great Rez students and other peeps Rez Life is here and we are gonna be posting up a storm so get readyyyyyyy.

Posts are going to be about events at McGill, cool places to eat and hangout, fun and informative things about navigating campus, classes, and the administration, and much much much more. Yeah 3 much-s more.



First up is a sustainably awesome event coming at you from Environmental Residence Council in the from of their largest event of the year FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!!!

For those of you who have not had the joy of learning about this event yet:

Fight The Power is a three month long competition between Rezs, that challenges each Rez to use as little power as possible. Winning FTP will present a considerable challenge, helping us develop sustainable habits that we can carry along long after we’ve left Rez. So, for the sake of the planet, your carbon footprint, and most (or least?) importantly the success of your own Rez in Rez Warz, come join the party by helping us Fight the Power.
Share your exploits using #FTPMcGill

If you have any more questions check out the Environmental Residence Council page or the Fight the Power page!

Its gonna be a great year erybody!!


Will the chill

not my real nickname and I am accepting suggestions


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