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This blog is managed by the 2014-2015 McGill Rez Life Team! Questions about Rez or living in Montreal? Stop by the Rez Life office at 3473 rue University room 003, or shoot as an email at For more information about what the Rez Life team does, check out our bios below.

Brian Huang

Inter-Residence Council Advisor (2014-2015)

Meet Brian! This fine gentleman is part 1 of this year’s IRC Advisor team! Brian hails from Markham, Ontario (Toronto) and is a master of Poli Sci awesomeness. He is excited to advise the Inter-Residence Council to greater heights than ever before! Brian enjoys Humans of New York, Gingerbread making competitions, music, and free food on campus. (Source: Facebook)

Brian is gonna make this year ~IRCool~


Words lol

For more information on Inter-Residence Council, click here.

Will Cleveland

Inter-Residence Council Advisor (2014-2015) 

More Words lol

For more information on Inter-Residence Council, click here.

Jess Goldson

Environmental Residence Council Advisor (2014-2015)
Meet Jess Goldson, our new Environmental Residence Council Facilitator! When Jess is not recycling like a boss or turning off lights, she is running up Mont Royal to enjoy some fresh air and appreciate the wonderful nature around us. This year, she’s looking forward to helping all of the residences #FightThePower and facilitating Environmental Residence Council meetings!! Because of Jess, this year is going to be THAT much greener.

For more information on Environmental Residence Council, click here.

Taylor Welch

Faculty in Residence Series Facilitator (2014-2015)
Meet Taylor, this year’s Faulty in Rez coordinator!!! Taylor hails from Barrie, a city of intellectual and innovative individuals. She is so excited to be bringing in all sorts of cool faculty members to talk about cool things in all of the residences! Known for her profound love of all things scholarly, Taylor is probably the most interesting person on campus.

For more information on the Faculty in Residence Series, click here.

Kate Bauer

Rez Warz Coordinator (2014-2015)
Meet Kate, this year’s REZ WARZ coordinator!!!! Kate hails from southern Ontario and has over 20 trophies from her years as a house league soccer and basketball player. She can yell louder than 83% of the McGill population and once shouted every single answer to Jeopardy correctly at her television screen (unfortunately nobody was there to prove it and we take her word for it). Kate can’t wait to get started on organizing all of the inter-residence games and competitions.

For more information on Rez Warz, click here.

Udita Samuel

Community Engagement Facilitator (2014-2015) 
Meet Udita, our new Community Engagement Facilitator. She’s from the small yet large town of Mississauga, Ontario. While she loves community engagement, her true passion lies in Food. She can’t wait to kick-start the year with showing you all around Montreal.

For more information on Community Engagement, click here.

Elaine Patterson

Living Learning Communities Facilitator (2014-2015)
Meet Elaine Patterson, our new Living Learning Communities Facilitator. Dealing with the Quebec Experience (New Rez), Food(La Cit), Green (MORE), Fine Arts (RVC), and Fitness (C4) LLC.  She’s from Minnesota aka Murica. She dabbles in cooking,painting,playing various instruments,working out and recycling. She is truly a jill of all trades.

For more information on Living Learning Communities, click here.

Kane McGee

Communications Rez Lifer (2014-2015)

Meet Kane, our new Communication Facilitator. Kane comes from sunny Florida where he first learned the use of telecommunication devices. While he talks to pretty much everyone about their dinner from the last 3 weeks, he can also hold meetings over Skype with overseas investors. He will be updating the Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and McGill Rezonate Blog. Follow us for regular updates!

Sam Goldberg 

Rez Life Advisor
Burn sentence structure burn


2 Responses to “The Bloggers”

  1. Ally June 19, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    This is so great! I’m a new student this year and this is really helping! 🙂 Thanks for doing this! 🙂

    • residencelifeblog June 21, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

      It is my pleasure Ally!

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