EAT in Montreal


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Here are a few restaurants you may like to visit. For more details on each, visit and search the place’s name. Bon appetit!


Cafe Universel
2055 rue Peel
Scrumptiously large portions of breakfast/brunch plates, nearby campus (also serves lunch and dinner, but is most popular for its breakfast! Also, has a nice terrace for sunny days).

Chez Cora
1240 rue Drummond
Classic and hearty breakfast place (but serves lunch too) with a menu of delectable plates.

Place Milton
224 rue Milton
Cheap, hearty portions of breakfast food, and great burgers (in the McGill Ghetto). A favourite among McGill students!

St. Viateur Bagel
263 rue St Viateur Ouest
Famous Montreal-style bagel bakery located in the Mile-End area.

Fairmount Bagel
74 Avenue Fairmount Ouest
Rival of St.-Viateur Bagel…try them both and decide which one’s better!

Sit-down Lunch or Dinner

Lola Rosa
220, rue Milton
Amazing local vegetarian restaurant (vegan options available)
*PS: Their nachoes, lasagna and curry are great! All their desserts are wonderful too.*

Cafe Santropol
3990 St. Urbain Street
A cute cafe serving a wonderful variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads–a perfect and casual place to grab lunch with friends.

Les 3 Brasseurs
732 Ste-Catherine St. W.
A unique microbrewery-restaurant (great beer, and great finger food!)

3895 St-Laurent
Famous and ultra-popular deli, serving the best smoked meat in Montreal (a must-try!)

Patati Patata
4177, Boul. Saint-Laurent
A quaint, local and very affordable place where students and tourists flock to for sliders and fries (NOTE: this is a very tiny place, so go there at irregular hours or you’ll likely end up waiting)

201 Rue Milton
Amazing and cozy pizza joint in the McGill Ghetto. The lineup can get long on weekends so get there early!

404 Duluth Ave E
A wonderful place to get  delicious Italian food, worth your money (Plateau area). It’s also a BYO

Cuisine Szechuan
2350 Rue Guy
A good Chinese restaurant serving authentic spicy/and non-spicy dishes (near Concordia).

China Town: 1019 St-Laurent Boulevard, Near Concordia: 1676 Ave Lincoln
Simply delicious dumpling house (offers assortment of fillings including beef, pork, chicken and shrimp varieties

1862 Rue St. Catherine Ouest
Constantly packed with visitors, this is a trendy delicious Japanese restaurant that serves sushi with traditional and unique dishes

Carlos and Pepe’s
1420 Rue Peel
Yummy Mexican restauarnt, serving deliciously large margaritas and plates of Mexican cuisine (specials deals occur weekly such as $2 tacos on Tuesdays!)

1631 Sainte-Catherine Street West
A one of a kind dining experience where food is served by an entirely blind waiting staff and eaten entirely in the dark! Experience the food with your senses (other than sight)–this is simply a MUST! (The waiters are blind, which makes it extra awesome)


BUNS Burgers
3673 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 1855 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Simplicity defines the menu of this burger joint, as well as its cheap prices (voted Montreal’s best burger)

RESTO la Banquise
994 rue Rachel East
All-famous poutine place with loads of wacky poutine varieties–try one of their creations, or go for the original (open 24/7)

McGill Pizza
625 Rue Milton
Student friendly prices for pizza, burgers, sandwiches and more fast food in the McGill Ghetto

Boustan ()
2020 A Crescent
A staple for cheap, fast and scrumptious Lebanese food (NOTE: they have a convenient take out menu & free delivery for those late nights!)

3462 Avenue du Parc
A fast and convenient location–serving burgers, fries, poutine, pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more in the McGill ghetto (NOTE: close to New Rez & they have a take-out menu with free delivery and are open late!)

The Green Spot
3041 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Located in the St. Henri area (close to Solin Hall), this deli offers fair-priced meals–and is open late!


Cafe El Mundo
3500 Avenue du Parc
A cute, independent coffee house with a calm, ambient atmosphere (lots of students study here)3500, av du parc

Cafe Pourqoui Pas
1477 rue Amherst
This café is for serious coffee lovers.  Featuring some of the best coffee in the city, this super cool spot is situated in the heart of the Gay Village.

Cafe Neve
151 Rue Rachel Est
A popular place for students, this independent cafe offers cheap and good coffee–as well as scrumptious cookies and other baked goods.

Cafe Pikolo
3418 B Avenue Du Parc
Another independent cafe that serves wonderful fresh coffee and baked goods, amid a cool atmosphere. It is a must-try if you are in the ghetto!

Cafe Pi
4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Featuring fair-trade coffee, local art displays, and tons of spaces to play chess with seasoned professionals as well as amateurs, this independent cafe is a popular hangout out for all kinds of Montrealers.

Cafe Bistro Mon Plaisir
540 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Great food, great staff, and an amazing atmosphere! The perfect location for that much needed pick-me-up morning coffee or deliciously satisfying breakfast.


Juliette et Chocolat
St. Laurent: 3600 St-Laurent, St: Denis: 1615 Saint-Denis
Delicious and decadent assortment of chocolate desserts, sundaes and drinks (perfect for a date).

2087 Sainte-Catherine Street West
All chocolate-lovers and sweet-tooths MUST come here: this place offers a long enticing and unique list of chocolate desserts–actually desserts in general.

4275 Rue Saint-Denis  
This place offers almost all types of deliciously fresh pies, as well as cakes to satisfy every craving (can be taken home to share).


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