SHOP in Montreal


  • Rue St. Catherine

The entire street of St. Catherine is a commercial hub– lined by stores and shopping centers, and bustling with tourists, students, and businessmen. Centre Eaton, Place Montreal Trust, Promenade de la Cathedrale, Complex les Ailes, and Les Cours Mont-Royal are shopping centres located along the street. These malls are all connected underground, which can be a life-saver during the cold winter months. Eaton Center, in particular, is connected to the McGill metro station for extra convenience. You will find that St. Catherine street is home to most prominent and conventional stores/brands, including distinct Canadian ones.

Walking down west of St. Catherine, you will come across the popular rue Crescent. Here, you will encounter numerous types of restaurants and bars. Treat yourself to a lovely meal in any of the restaurant-terraces along this street–a wonderful way to enjoy the sun in Montreal.

  • Rue St. Laurent and St. Denis

Walking on St. Laurent and St. Denis is also a must. Along St. Laurent, you will find a few vintage thrift stores that sell special items, nestled amongst bars, clubs and restaurants. St. Denis is in the heart of the Latin Quarter, filled with artistic nuances that resonate throughout the street.  Explore this area full of local treasures: relaxed cafes, restaurants, and boutiques carrying unique items. (The feel of these streets is very different from the industrial hustle and bustle of downtown St. Catherine.)

  • Les Galeries du Parc

Conveniently located nearby/connected underground to New Rez is Galeries du Parc. If you need to buy toiletries, medicine, booze, or basic home supplies, Galeries du Parc is a convenient place to go to [especially if you are in the McGill Ghetto area].  Thisshopping complex houses grocery stores (Metro, EDEN) , a drug store (UNIPRIX) , a dollar store that carries everything (DOLLARAMA),  an alchohol store (SAQ), and even a movie theater (Cinema du Parc).

  • Place Alexis Nihon (Atwater)

If you need to buy things for your dorm room/stock up on items before moving in, this is the shopping center to go to! Place Alexis Nihon is directly connected to Atwater metro station and houses hundreds of stores along with handy superstores:

  • Canadian Tire (basically sells everything for homes, sports and recreation, and cars)
  • Pharmaprix (a large retail drug store where you will find toiletries, medicine and more)
  • Zellers (Basically the Canadian version of Wal-Mart)
  • Winners (clothing, shoes, bags, perfumes and more at reduced prices–Like a Canadian version of Marshalls in the US)
  • IGA (A huge grocery store)
1500 Avenue Atwater
(514) 931-2591

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