SSMU and Faculty Elections- VOTE!

13 Mar

If you haven’t already deduced from the flood of Facebook events that it’s campaign season- well, it’s campaign season! For this and next week, campaigning and elections are going on for SSMU as well as the two largest McGill faculties, SUS and AUS.

While this post may seem kind of off beat from the usual topics we cover, we definitely feel like student elections are super important and of major relevance to all Rez students.

Life within McGill Rez is amazing! There’s always someone to talk to or some event happening, ensuring that the possibilities of excitement are endless. Cushioning, comforting, and enjoyable, it is very easy to sucked into the Rez vortex. However, over time, some students find that living within Rez can cause a division from the broader community that you are apart of- that is, the McGill Community.

As a University student, connecting with your faculty, department, and Student’s Society are absolutely invaluable. While being just one student within such a large group may sometimes cause a sense of insignificance, believe me when I say that couldn’t be further from the truth! Your opinions matter, your perspectives matter, and -following suit- your vote matters.

For the upcoming Faculty and SSMU elections, be sure to read up on the candidates’ platform and make an informed decision! Their role as student leaders have a huge impact on your University experience, therefore choosing the right person for the right position is super important! To cast your ballot, vote at

SSMU Voting Period: March 14th- March 21st
AUS Voting Period: March 13th- March 20th
SUS Voting Period: March 14th- March 21st



25 Feb

Yoyoyoyo when sorting out your roommate situation, don’t just choose people to live with cause y’all are besties… being friends does not mean you live well together. Make sure that you’re compatible with the people you choose to live both in terms of living standards and habits. Consider things like level of organization, study habits, general bed times, and cleanliness.

Also, be aware that Montreal is not some university town where the more people you have the cheaper your rent. Nah uh. Usually the apartments with the cheapest price are geared towards groups of trois.

Start yo search for apartments. Get on dem craigslist, dem kijiji, dem  and get dem apartment listings.
(Series apartment listing resources include: McGill Off-Campus Listings, McGill Classifieds, Craiglist, and Kijiji).
Suggestion: spreadsheet it up. AND WHAT INFO SHOULD BE RECORDED? Well, that depends on what you’re prioritizing. Discuss with your roomies beforehand what everyone finds most important and be sure to take note of all those items when looking through apartment listings. AND WHAT ARE SOME GOOD THINGS TO CONSIDER? Price. Distance to campus. Distance to nearby metro / bus stop. Number of bathrooms. Start date of the lease. Noise level. Distance to closest grocery store. Furnished or unfurnished.

Once you have a fairly large listing of apartments, go and CHECK THEM OUT! Get in touch with whoever’s contact info is listed and set-up a date to come view the apartment. When you go to visit the apartments, BE SUPER CRITICAL! Take time to examine all details that you and your roommates find important- this is a super big decision so being meticulous is key. Remember, if you can’t envision yourself living in the space then it is probably not the right fit for you!

Once you feel as though you’ve visited enough apartments, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A DECISION. Make sure you’ve seen at least 3 or 4 apartments (at the bare minimum) so that way you have a selection of places to choose from… don’t just snatch up the first place you see cause you’re like ZOMG YAYAYAY APARTMENT ME WANTS! <- (me seeing my first apartment)
When deciding on a place, take into consideration all the factors that you and your roomies deemed important- the goal is to try to maximize happiness for the cheapest price 😀 Also, try ranking your apartment preferences from “YAYAY THIS IS DA BOMB DIGGITY” to “OKAY NOT THE BEST BUT I’LL TAKE IT.” That way, in case your favourite location has been taken, you always have a back-up!

Once you decide on a location that you’re interested in leasing, contact the landlord ASAP and express interest. If your most preferred location has been taken, move on to your second preferred location. Although you may not get your first choice, you’re definitely bound to find something within your top 3. Once you’ve locked in a location, head on over to sign your lease and then YAYAYAY YOU HAVE YOUR FISRT APARTMENT!

~*~ Lawls kk les be srs rite naow~*~
While I’ve found these steps to work in the past for my apartment hunting, obvs I’m not an expert on the topic and there are a bunch of professional resources out there with great apartment hunting suggestions. Definitely check out for their incredible resources, such as their Off-Campus Housing Survival Guide.

Of course, if you ever have any questions feel free to holla @ me!

Challenge Bagelicious

20 Feb

The age old question: Fairmount, or St. Viateur?

While many people are vehemently in support of one type of bagel and would completely scoff at the idea of eating the other type, how often is it that these individuals have truly formed a fully unbiased opinion of the bagel quality? Unlikely. There’s really only one way to settle this delicious bagel dispute… CHALLENGE BAGELICIOUS!


Here’s how it twerks…

1) Go to St. Viateur (263 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest) and order 2 sesame bagels. At the same time, have another friend go to Fairmount (74 Avenue Fairmount Ouest) and obtain the exact same order. It is imperative that both bagels are ordered at the exact same time.

2) After ordering, walk towards Fairmount and have your friend walk towards St. Viateur. Remember, it is key that bagels are consumed at the same time frame after ordering, therefore ordering at the same time key. Furthermore, the closer to the ordering time that consumption takes place, the better your assessment.

3) Consume the bagels. Begin by taking a bite of one bagel and then by taking another bite of the other bagel. Between bites, a palate cleanser (e.g. lemon sherbet) should be implemented to avoid crossover between bagel stimulation.

4) Ensure all senses are engaged. Assessment of the bagels must involve your sense of taste, smell, touch, sight, and of course sound (i.e. crunch of the bagel). The following criteria should be used to judge the bagel, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being “very satisfying”, 1 being “lawl jk I’d rather eat cardboard”):

  • Sweetness
  • Freshness
  • Overall Texture
  • Crust
  • Size

NOTE: The whole bagel should be completely consumed in order to avoid error due to heterogeneity within the bagel composition.

5) Once the bagels have been nom nomed, make note of your conclusions. Then, repeat 25-30 times to eliminate any random variability within the results (lawlz lawlz lawlz just kidding 😛 )

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! You can finally make a fully formed opinion about your preferred Montreal bagel! Yay for unbiased and fully formed opinions!

❤ Adam

Exploring Montreal

13 Feb

Montreal is an incredible city. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and of course, so much to eat. However, with tons of stuff going on in Montreal, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out where to even!

This past September- during Rez Fest II- Rez students had the chance to participate in a Scavenger Hunt requiring students to explore locations across the breadth of the downtown core. Following along the very handy Rez Fest II Scavenger Hunt Booklet, students were able to check out some pretty cool places such as Atwater Market, La Ronde, the Biodome, and plenty others!

I deffs suggest you check out this sweet Scavenger Hunt booklet and even try out a few of the challenges yourself! Montreal is an incredibly vibrant, beautiful city and familiarizing yourself with all it has to offer is something you will never regret.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting a few interesting places mentioned in this Scavenger Hunt booklet, as well as some of the hilarious challenges. One of my personal favourites: “Celine Dion is now a part-owner of Schwartz’s, so take a video (or series of pictures) of your group singing, with feeling, the iconic, “My Heart Will Go On”.” L0O0O0O0O0OoOo0oO0olLLo0o0o0olL


It’s time for…………………… Fight the Power 2!

11 Feb

Hello Rez Students!

This upcoming Friday, Feb. 14th marks the start of the second Fight the Power (FTP2) , which will last until the following Friday, Feb 21st. In case you felt as though you were “in the dark” about the details of the previous FTP, we’ve got Nic Wispinski (Environmental Residence Council Advisor) here to provide some  en”light”enment (haha I’m so punny).

What is Fight the Power?
FTP is an energy saving competition between the McGill Residences geared towards promoting long term environmental sustainability. The goal is for Rez students to develop positive, environmentally-friendly habits which will be maintained throughout life both inside and outside of Rez.

What’s the FTP Green Grant?
Every year during McGill Rez’s second Fight the Power, each Hall Council submits a proposal to conduct a green initiative/change within their residence. The winning Rez of the second FTP then receives a grant (this year $500), providing the residence with the resources to implement their chosen green initiative.
The Green Grant provides an amazing opportunity for students to make an incredible, lasting impact on McGill Rez-and by extension- the university. Last year, Molson won FTP2 and was awarded the Green Grant to install motion censored lights in their bathrooms. Originally, the lights had only been installed in two bathrooms in the Rez. However, due to the hugely positive response of this initiative (by both students and staff alike), the project was expanded and now all bathrooms in Upper Rez have motion censored lights. Pretty sweet eh?

How can our energy consumption be tracked?
Check out for all and any information that you could possibly desire. Not only does this website provide information about the energy consumption of McGill Rez buildings in real-time, but it provides information on ALL McGill buildings. Definitely a cool website to check out!


  1. Keep your window closed and ensure tight seals (to prevent heat escaping)
  2. Unplug your electronics even when not in use
  3. Wash laundry in cold water and air-dry clothing
  4. Use common spaces to study

Weooo and that’s all! Good luck this year to all Rezs during FTP2. May the best (aka most eco-friendly) Rez win!


Who Needs Feminism? We do.

6 Feb

By now, I’m sure many of your Facebook news feeds must be swamped by pictures of your friends  holding 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper containing  writing beginning with something like “I need feminism because…” or “I am pro feminist because…” or “I support feminism because…” Confused? Well, allow us to provide some context.

These pictures are part of a week long campaign entitled “Who Needs Feminism?” (WNF?) that is run by the Rez Life Office for all resident students. Below, Eden Haber (Community Engagement Residence Life Facilitator and McGill Rez WNF? Campaign Coordinator) provides a very enlightening explanation on the goals and importance of the campaign, as well as the various events being hosted throughout this week.

What is “Who Needs Feminism?”
WNF? is a campaign which aims to spark conversations about the continuing relevance of feminism in our society. The main tactic is to photograph students sharing what feminism means to them and why they still need it. By compiling the photos, the campaign creates a picture of how sexism continues to pervade our society, and how feminism can remedy this ongoing oppression. The photos are supplemented by discussions, workshops, and screenings, to encourage students to engage critically with feminism. After all, feminism is much bigger than 8.5” x 11”.

Why is the campaign important?
WNF? is vital campaign because we DO need feminism! Many people today believe that feminism has died or burned out. It is associated with the suffragettes of the 30s or with bra-burning and sexual liberation in the 60s. But feminism is alive and well and it is so much more then any of these things! By presenting individuated understandings of sexism, WNF? demonstrates how each one of us experience gendered oppression differently, and in doing so indicates why feminism is still important and how we can all benefit from it.

What are some events that are going on within the campaign?
We’ve already had a bunch of great events, and still have more to come! Last night we had a great Faculty in Rez talk called We Need Feminism with Professor Elizabeth Groeneveld, a faculty lecturer and chair of the Women’s Studies program at McGill. Professor Groeneveld spoke about what feminism means to her, as well as her experiences in the academic field of Women’s Studies.

Tonight we have another great discussion taking place. **Flawless Feminism? will feature Professor Cheryl Thompson who teaches Feminist Media Studies at McGill. Professor Thompson will be using videos from Beyonce’s recent visual album as a means of discussing feminism and sex positivity. Can’t make it to the talk? Check out this compilation of articles about feminism and Beyonce to get a sense of what we’ll be discussing.

What opportunities are available to get involved?
Check out the schedule of events for opportunities to take part in the campaign. Interested in learning more about feminism and getting involved in feminist organizing on campus? Check out this blog post about resources at McGill!

IT’S POUTINE WEEK!! Get yo’ eatin’ on!

4 Feb

For all of this week until Feb 7th, Montreal is locked in a city-wide poutine competition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over thirty different restaurants and poutineries are participating in Poutine Week, offering up their best poutine dish for tasting in an effort to win the title of “Montreal’s Best Poutine.”

Montrealers will have the chance to trek across the city to each of these lovely establishments in a conquest to determine the tastiest plate of poutine. All plates will be offered for a reasonably priced $10 and will be available for a limited time only.

After registering online at, you can cast your vote for which poutine dish should be awarded Montreal’s most delicious poutine!

With over 30 unique poutine dishes available for devourment (I totally just made up that word), even the most connoisseuresque (made that one up as well) individuals will be occupied by the abundance of deliciousness. Just to highlight a few poutine dishes that are being offered:

The Breakfast Poutine @ Régine Café. Fries and homemade gravy, 2 year old cheddar and chorizo. Yeah, that’s right. And there’s an egg.

La Petite Grosse @ L’EntrePots. Poutine with a massive hunk of ham on top.

Poutine Lola @ Lola Rosa. Vegan poutine with mushrooms and gravy. Mmmmmm.

The Shaolin @ Sésame. Panko beef, 4 cheeses, mixed veggies all under a homemade asian influenced gravy.

Butter Chicken Poutine @ Poutine Centrale. Chicken in a creamy Indian spiced sauce topped with cilantro. Literally salivating at this point.

Hollerrr. Check out for more delicious locations!