Faculty in Rez

Faculty in Rez Coordinator (2014-2015): Taylor Welch

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What is Faculty in Rez?

The Faculty in Residences Series is designed to offer university faculty and first year students living in McGill Undergraduate Residences different opportunities to interact—ideally giving students the chance to meet professors in a comfortable, familiar setting (over meals in the Residences dining halls, in common rooms, etc) and to learn in different ways.

Coming from different disciplines all across campus, professors join us in Residences to give short and casual lectures on a topic of interest to themselves and to the students: professors sometimes highlight recent developments in their field, or a particularly quirky or little-discussed aspect of their discipline. They might also discuss their own personal academic training and how they found themselves at McGill.

Past Events

Some of our past guests have included Suzanne Fortier (Principal and Vice-Chancellor), Charmaine Nelson (Art History and Communication Studies), Daniel Jutras (Dean of Law), Rex Brynen (Political Science), and Ken Ragan (Physics). In addition, the content of the talks have included a wide range of topics, such as “Social Movement Learning, Knowledge Production and Research” by Aziz Choudry (Integrated Studies in Education), and “Cheers! The Chemistry of Wine” by Ariel Fenster (Office for Science and Society).

Getting Involved

If you are interested in having a particular professor, fill out and submit a nomination form. Alternatively, you feel free to stop by the Residence Life Office (University Hall, 3473 University Room #003) and speak with the Faculty in Residence Series Facilitator.


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