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At McGill, Sustainability is a major goal the permeates every aspect of both student and staff life. As an extension, McGill Rez strongly supports this mentality through various events and programs. However, its definitely up to the Rez students to take the initiative and make our campus (and Rez) more Eco Friendly!

Clam Shells
These bad boys are easily the best way to turn your boring ol’ caf meal into a transportable delicacy. In your 2014 Eco-Kit, you should have received a redeemable coupon… TURN IT IN AND GET A CLAM SHELL! While they are of course an eco-friendly way of packaging your meal, they are also super convenient- you can turn in your used clam shell for clean a clean one at the caf (without having to clean it), you can exchange your clam shell for a key-chain token that is easily portable, AND the cafeteria staff will serve you food directly into your clam shell (and based on their shape & size, you usually get more food!) So, end line… USE YOUR CLAM SHELL!

Local Food Days
Local Food Days are a sustainable and absolutely amazing initiative- we strongly encourage participation . Usually occurring once a month and rotating throughout the various McGill Rez Cafs, Local Food Days provide the perfect opportunity to support nearby farmers and industries. At the same time, Local Food Days always produce outstanding dishes that are sure to get your taste buds jumping with excitement!

To find out dates and location of Local Food Days, as well as other cool foodie events, click here. Be sure to check back monthly for updates!

In the Eco Kis that you received at the beginning of the year is located these handy dandy containing devices. Why produce unnecessary waste with Styrofoam and plastic containers when you can fill up with your reusable, sustainable, stylish Eco-Mug? Not only are these mugs larger than the plastic ones in McGill Cafs (hence, more liquids for you!), but as an added incentive you receive a 25 cent discount off the regular price of your choice of beverage. Wohooooo saving money!

Deliciousness in Rez Cafs

While all Rez Dining Halls have a large selection of nom noms for students, we’ve found that each Caf has a certainly specialty item that is a definite must taste!

Bishop Mountain Dining Hall (BMH)
Shawarma. Served at every evening meal, this tasty delectable will certainly have you shivering with anticipation. Seconds are a must.

Royal Victoria College (RVC)
Stir Fry. Custom Made. Large Portions. Inexpensive. Do it.

Pizza. The C4 customizable pizza station provides you with the ability to choose you sauce, spices, and toppings. Its a pizza party in any possible way you could imagine- definitely stop by.

Carrefour also offers Rez Express , a late night food service running from 10pm-3am every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Perfect for those late nights when you’re in need of a snack and prefer to spend some of your meal plan money!

New Rez
Grilling Station. From fresh cuts of steak & fish, to a wide selection of veggies, New Rez Caf has a large massive variety of fresh foods that are grilled on the spot. While this station is more expensive then most dishes, the quality and freshness is worth the price!

New Rez also offers Rez Express, a late night food service running from 10pm-3am every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Perfect for those late nights when you’re in need of a snack and prefer to spend some of your meal plan money!

Flex Hot Spots

On your meal plan there exists two types of “money spending” options: home base dollars and flex dollars. While home base dollars can be spent at the majority of Rez Cafs (click here and scroll to the bottom for info as to where you can spend your home base dollars), every other dining facility requires flex dollars for purchasing. While there are tons of places to spend your flex dollars, we’ve highlighted a few favourites and hidden gems.

Bento Sushi/Quesada
Bronfman Building
The spot you want to be on those days when you’re craving sushi or just in need of some delicious Japanese cuisine. Located on the southwestern side of campus (on McTavish), you’ll find yourself gravitating towards Bento around noon way often then you would ever expect.

Premiere Moisson
Redpath Library Basement
Doing some hard core studying and in need of a snack (slash meal)? Stop by the Premiere Moisson located in the Redpath Library Basement. Not only is this dining location super accessible and conveniently located, but they have super good quiche.

Arts Building Basement
Subway is awesome. You’ll have at least one class in Leacock 132 first year. Walk down the stairs. Find the Subway. Order a Sandwich. Be happy.

Second Cup
Stewart Bio North
Hidden away on the second floor of the northern Stewart Bio Building, this Second Cup is the perfect place to get your afternoon pick me up. Due to its hidden location, line-ups are usually quite short & there’s nearby tables for some Café-like studying.

rue McGill Deli
Trottier Building
The smoked meat sandwiches here are just absolutely incredible. That is all. Stop by for the perfect afternoon sandwich- the combination of freshness and cheap prices will cause you to wonder why you should ever eat anywhere else! Check out the St. Hubert for a plate as well.

Engineering Café
McConnell Engineering Building
Definitely a favourite for many students, Engineers and non-Engineers alike. Tucked away in the McConnell Eng Building, this Café is known for its great burgers and unique atmosphere.

Music Cafe/Genome Building
With two fantastic locations, Vinh’s is your go to spot for cheap Vietnamese goodness, from $4 Banh Mi’s to tasty BBQ Pork soup (Only served from 11:00-2:30) Vinh’s is one of the best spots to flex that flex money. Also check out their awesome collection of drinks, the Pineapple/Passion Fruit is a personal fave.


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