Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities Facilitator (2014-2015): Elaine Patterson

What are Living Learning Communities?

Living Learning Communities are an incredible concept unique to McGill Residence designed to foster a unique sense of community that celebrates the wide range of interests in our residence halls. Currently, there exists five Living Learning Communities in Rez, each within a separate McGill Residence: Fine Arts LLC in Royal Victoria College, The Green LLC in MORE Houses, The Quebec Experience LLC in New Rez, the Food LLC at Citadelle, and the Health & Fitness LLC at Carrefour Sherbrooke.

The aim of LLCs is to give students with particular interests the “chance to live together, organize events, and work together on long-term projects.” There are a total of 5 Living and Learning Communities available, and one of them you could be a part of! For more information, visit the official website at or email

 Here is a list of the fabulous five LLCs:

1) Fine Arts LLC, in RVC

Hosted by RVC, the Fine Arts LLC brings students together to appreciate different forms of art and foster creativity.Organized activities may include:
  • going to the theatre, dance recitals, and musical performances
  • trips to museums, poetry readings, film screenings, photography exhibits, graffiti tours etc.
  • the chance to get involved with the Fine Arts Society and other Arts affiliated McGill student groups
  • activities like Improv workshops, cuisine tours, trips to vintage shops, and crafts

*NOTE: You do not need to have an Arts background or personal skills related to Art–as long as you are interested, you can join! Also, you can plan your own events with your Floor Fellow and Hall Director.

2) Green LLC, in MORE houses

One of the MORE houses will be home to the Green LLC. Here, you will be able to try out different personal, cultural and environmental practices to help create a more sustainable society.
Organized activities may include:
  • excursions to the Molson Arboretum, Mont St. Hilaire, hiking and biking Mont. Royal, environmental conferences, and film screenings
  • the chance to participate in a community garden on campus and other community service events
  • discussions with faculty, staff, activists and community leaders outside of class
  • Social events such as student dinners based on sustainable eating, trips to vintage shops, events with the McGill Outdoor Club,

*NOTE: You will not need special experience or a particular academic background to join. You will even get the chance to plan your own events!

3) Quebec Experience LLC, New Residence Hall

The Quebec Experience LLC will address a desire from our students to learn about their newly-adopted province of residence.  The aim of this LLC will be to identify students who express keen interest to engage and familiarize themselves with the many spheres of Quebec culture and society, and offer them opportunities to learn more about the province and its inhabitants, deepening their connection with Quebec while at McGill

*NOTE: Anyone is welcome to join, you do not need any special skills. You can also plan your own events with your Floor Fellow and Hall Director.

4) Food LLC, La Citadelle

The Food LLC brings together students who are interested in cooking, trying different cuisine, and social and political issues involving food. Previous cooking experience is not required! La Citadelle hosts a large kitchen where students can practice their cooking and organize workshops.

Past Events:

  • “Iron Chef” cooking competition
  • Attending a seminar about food justice
  • Cooking themed “potluck” dinners
  • Starting a community spice rack
  • Touring local grocery stores
  • Cooking and baking workshops
  • Trips to local farms, restaurants, and bakeries
  • Cooking and baking in the communal kitchen/ in groups
  • Demonstrations from local chefs on things like knife skills, bread making, wine pairing, etc.
  • Discussions and film screenings on food politics, sustainability, and nutrition

*NOTE: Students, with or without cooking experience, who are interested in food can join! You will also get the chance to plan your own events.

5) Health and Fitness LLC, Carrefour Sherbrooke

Home to the Health and Fitness LLC, Carrefour Sherbrooke has a gym for its members to use whenever. Students are encouraged to bring their own expertise to the LLC and help lead the group in event and activities. Also, those who join the Health & Fitness LLC will be able to learn more about nutrition, engage in group sports/games, and get into different forms of exercise. Examples of organized activities may include:

  • Trips to local gyms, recreational facilities, outdoor areas
  • Competitive sport games/matches with other members
  • Lessons on yoga, pilates, zumba, cycling, etc., from local experts
  • Group fitness clubs like jogging, cycling, hiking, etc.

*NOTE:  Any student interested in pursuing a healthful lifestyle is welcome to participate–no prior experience with fitness/health is required.You are also able to plan your own events.

6) Community Project at Solin

This year in Solin Hall there will be a community project aimed at opening discussions about issues of social justice and oppression in residences. The group will be using theatre techniques from Theatre of the Oppressed, a form of theatre that emerged and developed in Brazil in the 1970s, and which has now spread throughout the world.

The aim of the group will be to collaboratively explore the ways in which oppression operates in residences, and how we can
make rez a more socially just environment. We will develop our theatre skills and repertoire, and play with different ways of learning and embodying knowledge about oppression.

As the year goes on, we will consider how we can share this project with others in residence, through performances, workshops, events, and surprises! The group will decide together how to do this and what issues we would like to explore in greater depth.

Getting Involved

As LLCs are unique to each Residence, participation in LLCs primarily depend on which Rez you live in during your stay at McGill. However, there are many LLC events which are open to all students- check out the McGill Rez Life Facebook page to find out about upcoming events. Alternatively, you are always welcome to come to the Residence Life Office to speak to the LLC Facilitator to discover upcoming events.


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