Rez Councils

IRC Advisors (2014-2015): Brian Huang & Will Cleveland
ERC Advisors (2014-2015): Jessica Goldson

What are Rez Councils?

Residence Councils are a huge part of life in McGill Residence. There are three types of councils that exist within residence- Hall Councils (one per Rez), Inter-Residence Council (IRC), and Environmental Council (ERC). Each Rez Council is composed of a group of first year residents students that work as a team to improve life within McGill Residence. For IRC and ERC, there are three Rez Lifers whom sit on the councils and act as Advisors for incoming students.

Residence Councils are easily the most fun extra-curricular you can do in first year. Each council is made up of elected members chosen by the respective residents, and spend the year planning and coordinating fun events for their residence to bond over.

Past Events

Residence Councils work to promote student life through various events and activities. There is a plethora of events that have been planned by Rez Councils in the past, such ABC Parties, Hugs and Hot Chocolate Exam Care, Mission to Mac Campus, Harry Potter Wizard Party, Blacklight Party, and Pizza nights in Rez. However, this list is certainly not exhaustive- every year, each Rez Council members bring fresh ideas to the table to promote positive Rez Life!

Getting Involved

It’s a piece of cake to get involved with a Residence Council! To get involved with Inter-Residence Council or your Hall Council, talk to your Floor / MORE Fellow for details as to upcoming council information sessions occurring during the first couple of weeks in September. At these council info session, you will receive information about campaigning, speeches, and voting which all occurs during the month of September. While an executive position on IRC and Hall Councils are elected, there are also appointed positions which are designated after the executive voting period.

To get involved in Environmental Residence Council, you cannot directly run for an executive position like Inter-Residence Council, but you can get involved by running for a VP Environment position on your Hall Council or Inter-Residence Council.

For more information, check our Facebook page for upcoming dates on council information sessions & details regarding September’s activities.


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