Study Spots


All residences have a common study area. Depending on your residence, study areas will  be located on certain floors/designated areas. Please respect these quiet zones, as people try to complete their work!


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McLennan, Redpath, and Blackadder
These three libraries are connected within the same  library complex known as the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. McLennan is the largest, with 6 floors full of desks and chairs. Blackadder, the Architecture and Art Library,  is tucked away upstairs from Redpath. The first floor of McLennan (ground floor) offers many computers for students to access. Redpath leads into McLennan, and is a single floor of tables and chairs with large windows for a  full view of what/who is outside.

Located under Redpath and next to the Premiere Moisson, Cybertheque is a bright and modern space to study in. It also offers computer facilities for students to use, and group study areas that need to be pre-booked (pods).

If you can’t study with some noise in the background, Birks is perfect for you. It is a “Silent” study area, meaning not even whispering is acceptable. In fact, winter boots must be left on the rubber mats inside before entering, as they make the wooden floors creak.

The Science and Engineering library, Schulich has multiple floors of desks and chairs, as well as a a group study floor on the 5th level. On the 5th floor, talking is permitted and it is thus is a great place for group work. There are not many computers available to use, so bring your laptops.

Law Library
Up Peel Street, a little father away from campus, is the Nahum Law Library. This library is relatively new, with lots of comfortable work spaces and chairs for students to study in. The appeal of law is its interior design–full of heavy wood accents, detailed carpeting and rows of old law journals and books.

Islamic Studies
Morrice Hall, located near Leacock and across from SSMU, is home to the Islamic Studies library. Here you will find quiet and open study areas, surrounded by majestic wooden bookcases and intricate designs.

Music Library
The Music Library is located on Sherbrooke, next to the Music Building. It is an all glass building, meaning lots of sunlight pours into the study areas. Group study rooms, separate from the common areas, can be booked out in advance.  A few computers are available for use, but come with your laptop just in case.


Presse Cafe
3501 Avenue du Parc  Montreal, QC H2X 2H7

Cafe El Mundo
3500 Avenue du Parc  Montreal, QC H2X 2H7

Second Cup
2200 McGill College Avenue, Montreal

3498 Avenue du Parc  Montreal, QC H2X 2H5

Cafe Pi
4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent  Montreal, QC H2W 1Y7

Cafe Bistro Mon Plaisir
540 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal


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